Dancing has always be apart of my life since a young child. I grew up dancing with my mother and her friends at their dance studio in Philadelphia , PA.  I danced on various dance ensembles throughout my life.

My love of dance kept me active but did not keep away the negative comments endured by people saying  how "skinny"  I was.  I was teased and picked on because I was small in frame.  I don't like to use the words "fat" or  "skinny," as those are words society has conditioned us to believe that determines whether someone is healthy and fit or not.

In my 20's I decided not to let the world define who I was and took charge of my fitness journey. I no longer wanted people to see me as "skinny,"  but to start to see me as fit and in control of my health.  Just because someone is "skinny" does not mean they are healthy or fit.  

I began weight training and noticed my body began to take on a different shape. Training and eating the proper foods to fuel my body allowed me to be in better health.

In 2011 I decided to change up my training and went to a Zumba® Fitness class  that changed how I looked at dance and fitness.  I immediately fell in love with this type of workout and became a licensed Instructor that year.  This dance fitness  program has everything I was looking for in a group fitness class.  It allowed me to dance, get fit and help others get fit while having fun. 

I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor who is ready to help you reach your fitness potential!

Changing lives  one move at a time!


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Everyone that walks into my class is not there to loose weight.  All of us at  some point has either felt broken, stressed out, emotionally drained  or just tired.  When you come to my class I will make all of those feelings go away so you can focus on having fun, getting fit and being YOU!